Unique, Elegant and Engaging Artwork

Welcome to Justinsart.co.uk, a unique collection of fine art created using Woods and Leathers, Carving and Pyrography.

Pyrography, Wood-Burning, or "Writing with Fire" is almost a lost art, but somehow has managed to become my absolute favorite medium to work in, the smoky aromas of the wood and leather, the subtle shades and tones of burning all combine nicely with my portraits, landscapes and fan art.

Realistic & beautiful Visual Pieces. Memories, Photo's, Concepts, anything you can imagine - drawn, painted, carved or burnt. I provide the technical ability and you provide the idea or inspiration. "I invite you to explore my work, I hope you enjoy your visit, thank you, and best wishes."
Hunting Season, Pyrography, Justin Beck
Subaru, Pyrography, Justin Beck
Bob-Marley-Wall-Plaque-Small-Size, Pyrography, Justin Beck
mothers love, pyrography, Justin Beck