Restaurant Sign

Restaurant Sign - Pyrography by Artist Justin Beck

Sharky asked for the sign to span a 1600mm doorway, to be curved from the bottom, to have curved letters burned onto wood and to have lights on the back preferably in a blue colour. "Lovely, top notch mate that looks well good " -Sharky

Restaurant Sign

Size: 1600mm

Pyrography Burned and Carved English Chestnut.

Sold £250.00


"The works I create are entirely crafted by hand, which makes each piece very unique. They are highly decorative, elegant and engaging. Since I use hand tools, wood and natural leather, each piece is slightly distinct, which attests to its individuality. I use fine leather, simple tools and well practiced fire engraving methods to create my works of art. All the lines and shades are burned into the leather and wood, thus rendering it near impossible to erase or fade. The completed pieces can be be used right away to complement any setting, whether it is home, office or a hotel room."