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"I wanted say a great big THANK YOU to you all. Such a super personal service."

"I just received my order. Everything had been packed carefully, and all items were in fine condition."

"Arrived safely and quickly. Much appreciated."

"Your personal service is wonderful."

"I am grateful to you for your kindness and attentiveness during the process of purchase and delivery, and I send my best wishes to you across the miles."

"Always a pleasure to buy from you."

"I have received the artwork safe and sound. Very nice packaging job. Thanks again."

"Thank you sir as usual for a stellar piece...this is better than any I've ever seen...minty for sure...great packing and shipping as well"

 "nice job ..............great"

 "creat minunat cu elemente bune si frumoase succes "
 "I really liked your site, from the way it was set out to the images. "
 "Nice looking site. I like the header with the trees. You are talented, nice work."
 "hi loved looking at your beautiful work"
 "nice site adn very simple,fast load page i like it"
 "you are gifted ,keep up your art "
 "I'm a very visual person and I find your site aesthetically pleasing. A classy, quality site for beautiful art!"
 "Wow - great pictures. Well presented site by a very talented artist."
 "Excellent site, lovely design and easy to navigate. Great colour scheme and excellent image gallery."
 "Nice looking site. I like the header with the trees. You are talented, nice work."
 "If you appreciate fine artwork, then you should check out this fine site! Great job! Best wishes!"

 "colorful site with good navigation."
 "I can't say I'm an expert in visual arts, so I can't give a professional opinion. What I can say is that I did enjoy browsing through your works. "
 "nice site and im glad that it's clear on your home page that you will be updating with more at another time. you have a good enough reason! congratulations! as far as navigation, response and relevance goes its all good, obviously you lack some of the content but i know it'll be updated eventually :) best of luck!"
 "Great display of your work and talent in such a unique & creative layout. Your sketch work is amazing; and the animal prints incredible!! The horse on the ocean > breathtaking!!!!! "
 "I absolutely love that flash gallery you have and great artwork you have. Definitely adding it to my favorites"
 "I like the "Famous Faces" artwork - site design needs some work, though."
 "Congrats on the new born. Blessings to all! Love the art work on the site. very bold and inviting. I think this will be great when it is up and running again.
 "i like your site it`s very colorful and good idea.
 "Amazing website! Truly, a great job you did! It's easy to navigate and the graphics are just awesome. Congrats!
 "The way you present your artworks make your site just unforgettable. Perfect work. Congratulations."
 "Justin - I like this site, the green tree banner with simple links is a nice contrast but not distraction to the black background, text, and art. I would prefer to see 1-3 examples of your work on the home page before I read about you."
 "The site is easy to navigate and the picture clarity is very good. The subject topics are very interesting and wide spread."
 "The site contents and graphics do upload quick.Lots of informations are available about the site service.
 "Wow Great site with great graphics content. Your artwork is very nice."
 "good choice of color, layout and photos! nice composition that makes it pleasant to explore."
 "I will have to take a closer look later on..."
 "I loved your site. Your work is amazing. Your site was easy to navigate and I liked how you put pages to view your work in larger versions. I can't wait to come back and see what you do next."
 " I went back and looked at your site again....Much better looking! Way more professional & I love the photo/art display on the main page that wasn't there before. I believe that will help attract more ppl to visit and see what all you have to offer because they get a taste of what you want them to see upon entering your site. "
With a lifetimes worth of experience, Justin enjoys spending his time producing professional, innovative and creative solutions to a multitude of clients. read on.
Abstract Art Justin Beck 2016.pdf Abstract Art Justin Beck 2016.pdf
Size : 7338.351 Kb
Type : pdf
Pyrography Justins Beck 2016.pdf Pyrography Justins Beck 2016.pdf
Size : 6785.628 Kb
Type : pdf
Animals Justin Beck 2016.pdf Animals Justin Beck 2016.pdf
Size : 6674.921 Kb
Type : pdf
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Justin continues to fulfil commissions for his clientèle. If you have a specific theme, view, city, building or street scene in mind feel free to contact us. 

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From Criminal to Artist, Activist and Author. After a life of crime and time in prison, my story is proof that it is possible for anyone to turn their lives around and have a little hope.

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