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Captain America Fan Art, A5, Pyrography, Burned Beech Faced Plywood.
Thundercats Fan Art, 61cm x 25cm, Pyrography, Burned Beech Faced Plywood.
Ironman, Fan Art, A5, Pyrography Burned, Beech Faced Plywood.
Wolverine Fan Art, A5, Pyrography, Burned, Beech Faced Ply.
Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, Fan Art, A4, Pyrography Burned, Beech Faced Plywood
I.M.A.S. Wing Chun, Burned and Carved, Wooden 3d Sign and A5 I.M.A.S. Wing Chun Wall Plaque.
Costa Fresco, 90x28cm wooden paddles, burned logos and dots for these menus, the rest of the writing is being painted on.
Gremlins, Fan Art, Look Out Gizmo, Pyrography Burned, A4 Beech Faced Plywood
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