Leather & Wood Burning

Pyrography, Poker Work, Writing with Fire....

Every Leather & Wood Burning will be custom designed and 100 % hand made. They are all one offs and are not mass produced.

The Rails are made from high quality hardwoods, and for that extra special finish they are finely carved by hand. Light-coloured Veg Tan Leather is used because is not obtrusive to the finished work.

Each wall hanging is created with very fine, detailed pyrography work. Varying the type of tip used, the temperature, or the way the iron is applied to the material all create different effects.  

The final product is a unique piece of art that will become a cherished family heirloom, a unique gift idea for any occasion .

Custom orders may take 4 to 8 weeks to complete !

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With more and more things in our lives becoming mass-produced, it is becoming harder to find truly unique objects to which we have a personal connection. When you buy an original work of art from Justin, you can rest assured no one else in the world owns something just like it. How many other things that you own can you say that about?

Send your idea to Justin@justinsart.co.uk and have him turn it into a beautiful work of art for your home that your family can treasure for generations to come.

I use fine leather, simple tools and well practiced fire engraving methods to create my works of art.

All the lines and shades are burned into the leather, thus rendering it near impossible to erase or fade.

Natural dyes are injected into the skin to create deeper contrasts and sharpness.

The top layer is treated with plant solutions to protect the surface against time and insect infestation. Finally, a natural paste is applied to attain a fine finish.

Completed pieces can be be used right away to complement any setting, whether it is home, office or a hotel room.

"I love working with Leather, apart from the wonderful aromas they produce there are also a large range of tones and shades that can be achieved."

Did you know?

The process has been practiced by a number of cultures including the Egyptians and some African  tribes since the dawn of recorded history. Pyrographer Robert Boyer hypothesises that the art form dates back to prehistory, when early humans created designs using the charred remains of their fires. read more

Cut out the middle man, order & buy masterpieces directly from Justin.

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