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Justin Beck is an English artist specialising in Pyrography, Painting, Sketching and Drawing. Armed with a sketch pad or pen tablet, burning pen or blow torch he has the ability to whip up genius in just about any medium. Illustrator, graphic artist, pyrographer, painter, if you can think it he can create it. He works for mums and dads, schools, small companies & worldwide brands – no job is too big or small.

Why should we hire you?

Justin works hard to make sure he stays number 1 through great customer service and high quality artwork. This is his best advert and the reason why his clients continue to commission him again & again, knowing that they get exceptional results and the best professional service available. Customer service is all that matters, if your happy then we’re happy.

Why Justin is the best candidate for the job?

Justin possess a huge combination of skills and experiences that makes him stand out from the crowd, his artwork will fit in beautifully with your furnishings and be a great addition to your home. Justin loves to create beautiful and stunning visual pieces. He has a particular talent for creating realistic, lifelike, accurate representations.

The Pyrographer

Justin studied and learned the art of the pyrographer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, he says that he was fortunate to live and work alongside Adam, a Polish artisan who was making wonderful leather maps and for more than 3 years he taught Justin the art of "Writing with Fire” Justin uses fine leather, simple tools and well-practiced fire engraving methods to create his works of art. The works Justin creates are entirely crafted by hand, which makes each piece extremely unique. They are highly decorative, elegant and engaging. Since he uses hand tools, wood and natural leather, each piece is slightly distinct, which attests to its individuality.

The Illustrator

Justin is an illustrator with a wide range of illustration styles that vary from cartoon to realistic. He is proficient in Digital and Mixed Media Illustration as well as Traditional Illustration. His process for creating an illustration usually goes in this order: Rough sketches (moulding and enhancing the idea) Finished pencil drawing (the idea envisioned, (note: the final changes to the design are made here) Pen/brush and ink (this stage is usually mixed with creating tones and gradiations using pencil) Scan in the art and clean it up (adjust contrast, fix mistakes and blemishes, etc.) Digitally colour it in Photoshop (if needed) ….. Present it!

The Graphic Designer/ Digital Artist Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and Corel Painter, Microsoft's office. Print and Web Design, including but not limited to: Websites, Brochures, Invitations, Posters, Proposal Covers and Interior Graphics, Trade Show Displays, Maps and Figures, CD/DVD Design, etc. Justin has developed his own technique over the years as an artist. His goal has always been to paint and draw each stroke traditionally from scratch using a stylus and graphics tablet. using the latest computer software Justin paints freehand, stroke by stroke, on his blank computer canvas in conventional styles.

Canvases & Prints

Bespoke Commissions - Justin can create bespoke art to suit your space. Choose from the selection online or contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Original Canvas Art - Traditional Hand Painted Art, 100% Hand produced canvas paintings in acrylics by Justin Beck.

All modern canvas artwork is available in any size or colour.

Fine Art Giclée Printing, Justin uses Giclée printing to reproduce the work you choose to any specification you need. Your work will be printed using Fine Art Trade Guild approved equipment, inks and paper, the results speak for themselves. All artwork can be changed in size and colour to suit your space, no charge is levied for colour changes, just order and send in your samples/instructions in any size or colour from our UK studio workshop.

Justin is driven and motivated for your project to succeed.

If you’re looking for someone who has experience, is confident, strong and enthusiastic, has the right attitude, true passion for the work, and an edge over those with similar professional backgrounds Justin is your artist.

With a lifetimes worth of experience, Justin enjoys spending his time producing professional, innovative and creative solutions to a multitude of clients. So whether it’s a bedroom plaque, an office wall hanging or a sign for your shop feel free to contact him for a quote, or just to discuss your idea.

With a lifetimes worth of experience, Justin enjoys spending his time producing professional, innovative and creative solutions to a multitude of clients. read on.
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About Justin Beck

Born in 1979 in Ascot in Berkshire, growing up all Justin ever wanted to do was be left alone to paint and to draw things. His mother and father cultivated his interest in art by providing him with limitless art supplies and creative expression from an early age.

At school he was always getting in trouble for doodling on the back pages of his books instead of learning the subjects. School was always a hindrance for his young creative mind, until he met his art teacher Mr Richard Noyce in Wexham Secondary School, who is well known in the contemporary art world. He won Justin over with his impressive knowledge and taught Justin to appreciate art history and Cross-disciplinary visual art.

Justin never went to art college, preferring to learn from real artists, craftsmen, street vender's, market traders, worldly travels, books, and good old fashioned trial and error. All Justin ever wanted to do was to draw, to paint or to create something. His travels have opened his mind to many different paths and skills and allows him to practice a great variety of classic styles well or mix all the art forms together to create new styles and unique works.

At age 33 he was diagnosed as having A.D.H.D and Asperger's Syndrome, now he finally understands his obsessive tendency to draw pictures for hours on end, it is a common symptom of the autism spectrum disorder. Rather than seeing it as a disadvantage he thinks of it as his own special super power and has learned to let the condition drive his creativity.

"No matter what happens to me, no matter where I go or what I do I have always been and always will be an artist, I love art and am passionate about the work that I do. Quality is important to me and I take pride in doing the best work that I can for any and all of my clients! I hope you will enjoy the art pieces as much as I do, I value everyone for their patronage and interest. Thanks for having a look, enjoy the site! "

Justin Online

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Proudly Supplying High Quality Fine art to discerning clients all over the World.

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Justin continues to fulfil commissions for his clientèle. If you have a specific theme, view, city, building or street scene in mind feel free to contact us. 

Submit your brief by clicking here! try to give as much information as you can so that we can get a good feel of you project.


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