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To begin with, working on commission-- creating a specific work of art that someone asks me to make-- is completely different from working for myself where I make whatever I want to make without any input or influence from others.

Producing a work of art on commission for someone else is a relationship-- a partnership between me and that person.

The key to successfully working on commission is an ability to be flexible and communicate with whomever your working with. A commission relationship only succeeds when we respond effectively to the other party's concerns, requests and needs.
* Have you commissioned art before?
* How would they like the commission to proceed?
* What role do you see yourself as playing?
* What do you want to see in my art?
* Is there anything you don't like about my art or don't want to see in the art I create for you?
* Will you be the only one approving the art?
* Do you have any other questions or requests?

Submit your brief by clicking here! try to give as much information as you can so that we can get a good feel of you project.


If you have a specific theme, view, city, building or street scene in mind feel free to contact us at; 

Pricing depend on the size, medium and detail of the artwork. 

Please note that depending on how busy we are there may be a waiting list.
With a lifetimes worth of experience, Justin enjoys spending his time producing professional, innovative and creative solutions to a multitude of clients. read on.
Abstract Art Justin Beck 2016.pdf Abstract Art Justin Beck 2016.pdf
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Type : pdf
Pyrography Justins Beck 2016.pdf Pyrography Justins Beck 2016.pdf
Size : 6785.628 Kb
Type : pdf
Animals Justin Beck 2016.pdf Animals Justin Beck 2016.pdf
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